Core Drilling

Tough Cut provides core drilling services for many different applications. Structures are easily made ready for plumbing lines, electrical lines, sprinkler systems, HVAC ducts, fiber optics, conventional phone lines, computer lines and much more. Core drilling methods are widely used in underground utilities construction, most commonly, manhole taps, underground vault taps, and wherever sewer, water, steam, air or communication lines pass through a concrete or brick structure.

When you have concrete or other structural materials to be cut, call Tough Cut. We can get the job done correctly and efficiently at economical prices. We offer nationwide service and are happy to provide free Quotes for all sizes and types of work. We have the experience, knowledge, expertise and the most modern cutting equipment to perform any cutting service you may require.

  • Round holes cut in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinder block and other structural materials.
  • Holes cut in a complete range of diameters at any angle required.
  • Holes cut through walls, floors for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer, sprinklers, and other unique applications.
  • Commercial and residential work. Clean, efficient and quiet. No job too large or too small. Free estimates.
Tough Cut Concrete Service