Onsite Crushing & Recycling

Welcome to Tough Cut Concrete Crushing and Recycling Site located at 5600 W 41st St (Canal Bank Road), Forestview IL 60402. Direct access to the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal allows us to supply barges with aggregate materials.

Tough Cut can handle your material & service needs.

NOTE: AS OF 5-9-2022 we will not be accepting concrete or material of any kind at the yard.

Indianapolis Airport job where Tough Cut Is Crushing Concrete

2023 Outbound Material Pricing

All stone is IDOT & ISHTA approved upon request only
( prices are subject to change )

CA-6 Crushed Concrete

CA-6 Crushed Asphalt

CA-7 3/4in (when available)

3" Crushed Concrete

Unprocessed Grindings

Processed Grindings

Trench backfill

6" PGE

$5.00 per Ton

$4.50 per Ton

$12.00 per Ton

$8.50 per Ton

$4.00 per Ton

$4.50 per Ton

$7.00 per Ton

$8.00 per Ton

Inbound Material (per load)

NOT ACCEPTING as of 5-9-2022