Tough Cut is a full service certified DBE/FBE company equipped to handle all of your needs:

  • Equipment Rental
    • Slip-form Rental Miller 1000 Curb Machine with Operator
    • Gradalls with Operator
    • Onsite Crusher (weekly, monthy rentals available)

We have just improved our service ability to handle more of your needs, with a Fintec F1107 Track Jaw Crusher and Conveyer; a 4 Axel 4230 McDonald Jaw Crusher and a Viper 301 3-way Split machine with the ability to service your needs on-site. Tough Cut also has a Miscellaneous Concrete Division, which includes Slip-form Curb & Gutter and various types of sidewalks, various types of wall and Poured Cured Concrete (PCC) Pavement.

Tough Cut is certified in:

  • Saw Cutting Concrete
  • Miscellaneous Concrete
  • Various types of Concrete, Curb and Gutter
  • and a Certified Recycled Construction Material Supplier.